What Gives Life Meaning?

By promoting greater self-understanding and exploring ways to care for each other, this website is a resource for anyone seeking to live more purposefully.  


There are two key components for experiencing life as meaningful. The first is to develop practices in order to cultivate the most authentic version of yourself. This is the work of a lifetime and deeply rewarding in and of itself. The second integral part of living purposefully is offering your unique gifts to a larger community and, also, recognizing and encouraging the gifts of others. 


However fulfilling your personal life, as individuals in a collective we are separate and suffering. We live in a world where there are resources to help develop the insight and skills to become authentic. But we are in a crisis of belonging because many of us do not have access to communities where we can practice healthy relationship, make room for difference, and move through painful and difficult disagreement.


Creating vibrant communities will lead us out of this morass. The skills to do this must be learned and practiced. Like cultivating our authentic voices, creating community is also the work of a lifetime. Through the challenging and transformative work of creating vibrant communities, we can learn the patience and skills to overcome our separateness and live together in a way that is sustainable and life-affirming. Our very lives depend upon it.

© 2020 by Dr. Lisa Kentgen. 

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