What Gives Life Meaning?

Two things are necessary to experience life as meaningful. First, we must be accepted for who we are and experience ourselves as authentic. Second, we need to share our gifts with others within the context of caring communities. 

Too many people, of all ages, feel lonely and long for greater emotional connection. There is a cultural crisis of belonging that is making us physically and emotionally sick.

Creating vibrant communities will lead us out of this crisis of belonging. We do this by practicing skills to strengthen our 'we' muscle – skills that have atrophied in a culture that emphasizes the individual over community, and competition over collaboration.  

The good news is that we can learn and nurture qualities to enable us to better care for each other – qualities like acceptance, valuing our differences, promoting diversity, skillfully handling conflict, sharing rituals and celebration, and reclaiming the ancient practice of hospitality. 

Through the challenging and transformative work of creating vibrant communities, we can overcome our separateness and live together in sustainable and life-affirming ways. 

This website (and blog) offers examples of people working to foster environments of belonging and mutual care. They will inspire you to make the transformative leap from "me" to "we", creating your own communal, loving spaces in which to connect – and thrive – together.

Lisa Kentgen PhD

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